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Manufacturing of gold jewellery 

The manufacturing of gold jewellery starts with the procurement of gold bar, namely scrap and pure gold bars. Firstly, all the scrap gold bar will undergo refining process to convert into pure gold for further processing. Subsequently, the pure gold bars will undergo alloying process to convert into 916-gold for our jewellery manufacturing. 916-gold is 91.67% gold content mixed with some other metals such as silver, copper and zinc. We mainly mix the gold with copper and nickel to enhance the hardness of our jewellery.

In some instances, the gold raw material is supplied by the customer and we manufacture the gold jewellery based on customers’ orders and specifications. We will generate a material issue note which specifies the purity and weight of the gold bar and agree to convert the said gold bar into gold jewellery for a fee. Generally, the gold bars supplied by our customers have been assayed by a certified assayer to establish its purity and weight. If our customers provide us with scrap gold bars, we will refine it for them as part of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing services charges to customer will include, among others, the cost of refining, gold assaying and manufacturing of the said gold jewellery.

Our gold jewellery manufacturing mainly includes the following processes:
– manufacturing of solid and hollow gold chain;
– bead manufacturing; and
– lost wax casting for manufacturing bangles, pendants, charms and earrings.

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