We source our gold jewellery from our network of suppliers as well as from in house manufactured gold jewellery.

Our wholesale operation is undertaken by our subsidiary, YXG, at our sales offices at Project Jaya Industrial Estate, Kuala Lumpur. Our sales office in Kuala Lumpur covers customers located in Malaysia, as well as for export markets such as Singapore.

Wholesale of Gold Jewellery
The following diagram depicts our operational process for the wholesale of gold jewellery:

• Selection of gold jewellery

Our wholesale of gold jewellery business process begins with the customer choosing the type of jewellery that they intend to purchase from our catalogue or from our sample stocks. Our catalogue comprises various designs and types of jewellery including our jewellery design as well as our supplier’s design. Our sales personnel would also carry some sample stocks to show prospective customers of some of the latest designs when conducting sales and marketing activities. In 2020, we established an online catalogue and sales order system to assist our sales personnel when conducting sales and marketing. The online sales order system also enables our sales personnel to check on stock availability.

• Order confirmation 

Once customers have selected the desired products, they will issue purchase orders for us to fulfil.

 • Procurement 

Our procurement process begins by ascertaining if the required products are in stock, manufactured in-house or by external manufacturers. Generally, we stock up some of the common and popular jewellery designs. We may also stock up on seasonal designs, for example, Chinese zodiac design during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year. Our in-house manufactured gold jewellery products are mostly based on our designs. Our Group’s core competency is in designing and manufacturing chain products such as necklaces, bracelets and anklets. Externally sourced gold jewellery is based on the external manufacturer’s design. 

 • Processing

 The final process is to undergo product quality inspection, weighing and packing, as well as administrative work before the final product is delivered to customers. 

• Delivery 

Deliveries are usually made by our sales personnel or third party logistics company or our customers may arrange to collect the products themselves.